Vila-sana (España)

In a joint project with our technological partner Bright Biomethane, specialized in membranes, a pilot project has been performed for the production of renewable gas in Vila-Sana, Lleida. The plant processes 214 Nm3/h of biogas from an agroindustrial biogas plant (ca. 65% of methane) and produces 150 Nm3/h of renewable gas with 95% of methane, recovering the 99,5% of the methane that it is introduced into the system.

The renewable gas plant is part of a technological demonstration project called Life Methamorphosis, coordinated by Aqualia. The project has as partners companies like Fomento de Construcciones y Contratas (FCC), Naturgy, SEAT, Área Metropolitana de Barcelona (AMB) and Institut Català d´energia (ICAEN).

The prototype has been installed in the agroindustrial biogas plant of Ecobiogas, property of the pig farm Porgaporcs, located 35 km from Lleida.